Teaching and Facilitating

Kinny teaches dance, mime and movement, using body and mind.

From an energising warm-up using the floor, a series of dynamic travelling combinations , perhaps a spot of Broadway- style choreography, the class continues on to explore use of breathing to facilitate gesture, all to a wonderful background patchwork of world music.

Kinny is a popular entertainer, with an irrepressible sense of fun, boundless energy and a deep delight in facilitating moving, feeling and laughing. A charismatic and engaging teacher, he has developed a highly accessible style of developmental classes, looking at reflection of personal journey, using his own varied theatrical career as a springboard. He is recognised as a leader in the development of visual theatre and as a major innovator in SIGN LANGUAGE ARTS.

His work is as popular with men as women, giving a safe space for participants to experiment. Kinny develops the abilities and energies of the group, with a lightness of touch and vibrant sense of humour that allows for release of EMOTION IN MOTION.

Residencies include Lo Scarlo, Torino; Arts Council of Northern Ireland; Harlow College ; LAMDA ; Welsh College of Music and Drama; Mountview. Following extensive teaching for Skyros Holistic Holidays in Greece, Kinny now regularly facilitates week long holiday courses of SERIOUS FUN at Cortijo Romero in Andalucia, Spain.

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Kinny teaching Commedia in Spain at Cortijo Romero
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Kinny choreographing Whisky Kisses